For properties in Delaware, OH, it is important to fertilize your lawn at the right time to ensure that it grows green and healthy. In the spring, you should fertilize your lawn twice: first, after winter's thaw in early spring, and second, right before summer in late spring. Fertilizing in early spring will provide your lawn with the necessary nutrients it needs to recover from the harsh winter conditions and promote new growth. In late spring, fertilizing will help to strengthen your lawn in preparation for the hot summer months and prepare it for the season's stresses. Because it's so important to apply spring fertilizer treatments at the right time and the right type of fertilizer needs to be used, it's best to hire professionals to fertilize your lawn for you.

Fertilize your lawn in early spring.

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Spring fertilization is an effective way to help your grass recover faster and come out of dormancy. The nutrients present in spring fertilizer assist in establishing healthy roots for your grass, leading to improved water and nutrient absorption. This results in a greener lawn and quicker recovery from any winter damage. Furthermore, early spring fertilization promotes the growth of new grass, leading to denser and healthier turf. So, if you want your lawn to bounce back from winter dormancy as quickly as possible so that it can start the growing season off on the right foot, make sure it's fertilized in the early spring!

Fertilize your lawn in late spring.

Applying fertilizer in late spring will replenish the nutrients that your lawn used from your early spring treatment and prepare your lawn for the hot summer months. As the temperature rises, the nutrients in your soil will be depleted more quickly due to the increased rate of plant growth and evaporation. You'll want to replenish those spent nutrients with a fertilizer treatment to enhance your turf's ability to absorb and produce energy necessary for growth and development. The nutrients in fertilizer help your lawn store energy, water, and other resources so it remains in peak condition and can withstand the stressors that occur during summer, such as an increase in insects and pests and higher foot traffic. Spring fertilization is also crucial for strengthening your turf's root system. A strong root system allows your lawn to access water and nutrients more efficiently, helping it to withstand drought and heat stress.

Most fertilizers contain 3 important nutrients: nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium.

Hire a professional to fertilize your lawn this spring.

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To ensure your lawn is fertilized correctly and at the right times, you should hire professionals to perform this task. Professionals have extensive knowledge of the grass types in our area and will make sure to use a fertilizer that will provide the most benefits to your lawn. They will also make sure that they apply the treatments at the correct time to ensure your grass doesn't go without nutrients during the times they will need them the most. By hiring a professional to fertilize your lawn in the spring, you can spend your time on more important tasks, knowing that the health of your turf is being taken care of competently.

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Your grass needs to be fertilized during the spring season, but it also needs it throughout the rest of the year. If you want your lawn to be fertilized correctly and at the appropriate times, call us at Hoffmans Lawn & Fertilization, to schedule our lawn fertilization service. We've been providing this service to properties in Delaware, OH, for 9 years, so we have the experience to know exactly what your lawn needs. Our fertilization program includes 6 treatments throughout the year, as well as weed control and lawn insect control treatments. If you have a property outside of Delaware, you're in luck, as we also serve other nearby areas such as Lewis Center and Powell. Call us today at (740) 318-5296 to schedule our fertilization service for your property this spring!