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What to do after Spring Reseeding: Our Pros in Lawn Care in Worthington OH Share their Tips

At the beginning of the season, you have your plate full of preparatory tasks. Working in your yard and garden is a real pleasure for those who want to enjoy lush and healthy lawns all year long. Among the many preparation and maintenance tasks on the list, reseeding is one of the most important. It helps restore your yard to its glory, boost its looks and richness, and prevents weeds from overgrowing. However, according to our experts in lawn care in Worthington OH, many homeowners do not know what to do after the spring reseeding activity. So let’s find out together, shall we?

1. Irrigation

When you reseed your lawn, you need to water it daily for the seeds to develop vigorously and healthily. Watering, however, depends on plenty of the weather conditions, the types of seeds you added to the lawn, the quantity of warmth and light they get, and so on. March may be too early in the season to begin reseeding and watering, but our pros in lawn care in Worthington OH have the following tips for you:

  • Water the newly reseeded lawn two times a day;
  • Make sure at least ¼ inch of the soil’s surface maintains its moisture at all times;
  • Follow the new grass blades until they reach their recommended mowing height (depending on the grass variety, the weather, and other environmental factors) and only then change back your lawn watering habits to your regular ones;
  • Install an irrigation system. This month is perfect for lawn and landscape upgrades and revamping. If you need to repair or enhance the lawn with extended reseeding treatment, you can discuss irrigation system installation with our experts in lawn care in Worthington OH.

2. Lawn Protection

“What to do next after reseeding the lawn?” is a question we often hear from homeowners in this situation. Many make the mistake of stepping over the seeded areas and the lawn entirely only to notice poor results when the time comes. Our answer in this regard is the following:

  • Avoid lawn traffic for a few weeks after you reseeded the lawn. Avoid stepping and trampling, do not cross the front yard to get to the house and limit children and pet activity on the reseeded areas until you get new grass blades that are strong, healthy, and resilient to stress.

3. Lawn Mowing

Another issue when it comes to freshly reseeded lawns is the mowing. While it may be too early in March to consider such activity, you will have to deal with it soon enough. Some mow too early and some too late. Our specialists in lawn care in Worthington OH recommend you mow the lawn only when the new turf blades developed strong roots and reached their recommended mowing heights. Wait for two to four weeks until you consider giving your spring lawn trim and an edge.

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When you reseed your lawn and wait for the results, many things can go wrong. One of them is weeds trying to take control of the yard – but using weed killers in freshly reseeded lawns is a huge mistake. Instead of performing trial-and-error experiments, ask your team of experts in lawn care in Worthington OH to reseed the grass for you and complete the other tricky tasks (irrigation, weed control, etc.) for you!


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