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The Absolute Don’ts of Lawn Mowing from Your Local Lawn Care Lewis Center OH Team

Mowing at the right time, at the right height, and in a certain direction is critical for the overall health of a lawn that is getting ready for summer and its scorching temperatures. Regular mowing can keep the turf vigorous, green and healthy, but doing it wrong can be just as bad as skipping it altogether. Our experts in lawn care in Lewis Center OH have shared for our blog the things you should absolutely don’t do when mowing this season.

Mowing Tips – Here’s What You Might Be Doing Wrong

Cutting Blades too Short

Most homeowners tend to give their lawn a close shave to spare time and effort in the process. However, our lawn care Lewis Center OH experts warn that the practice can be seriously detrimental for a lawn in the long run. Close mowing is ok when done every now and then but doing it regularly can wreak havoc even on a relatively healthy lawn.

Adjusting your mower’s blade height to cut the blades too short can cause plenty of damage. Close mowing can damage both the crowns and the roots of your plants. It also shrinks the blades’ surface area which makes the turf more prone to malnourishment and dehydration. And a weak turf leaves plenty of room for weeds, disease, and pests to take over.

Our lawn care specialists recommend following the one-third rule when mowing. This means not taking off more than a third of the plant’s length when cutting it. Also, the best time to start giving your lawn a first shave in the spring is when it is at least 2 inches tall. Start mowing regularly only after it has reached 3 inches in height. However, this is just the rule of thumb since the ideal mowing height largely depends on the type of turf grasses on your lawn.

Not Sharpening that Dull Mower Blade First

When mowing, it is critical that the mower blade stays razor sharp, our lawn maintenance experts warn. A dull mower blade will not be able to give your turf a clean cut and the shredded and ripped grass blade tips will just boost your lawn’s risk of disease and dehydration. Plus, the grass will get brownish in a few days and give your lawn an unsightly appearance. Shredded grass tips also let more water out and more disease-carrying bugs in. So, for the sake of your lawn’s health and looks, sharpen that blade before putting your mower to work.

Sticking to the Same Mowing Pattern

Another common mowing mistake that many homeowners make is getting stuck into the same pattern and direction week after week. This habit can be very detrimental even to regularly mowed lawns as it encourages soil compaction and wears the grass in the areas that routinely come in contact with the mower’s wheels. Our lawn maintenance experts recommend changing the pattern and direction every 1-2 weeks.

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