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Stress-Free Lawn Care in Dublin OH: Winter Tips from Our Experts

We all know in winter nature goes dormant, and you have plenty of time to get ready for the upcoming spring. Many homeowners take advantage of January, as it is National Mail Order Gardening Month, to gather supplies and tools for next year. What you should know, however, is that you should not neglect your yard even if it is winter. Our experts in lawn care in Dublin OH want to share with you today some lawn and landscape maintenance tips to prep your property for spring.

  1. Frequently clean your lawn: Wet fallen leaves and vegetal leftovers are harbingers of weeds, mold, and pests. Use your rake to clean the yard and garden, removing worm casts and allowing your lawn to stay healthy.
  2. Don’t step on the grass and don’t drive over the lawn. Even if you have to rake and clean the yard, make sure you do not stomp it heavily. Also, do not drive the car over the garden for any reason. You risk crashing the frozen grass blades, rendering your turf brown and lifeless in spring.
  3. Don’t use salt for de-icing. Salt can undo many of the good things you did for your landscape in a matter of days. It infiltrates the soil damaging the roots, and it harms the plants and bulbs as well. If you need to de-ice your garden pathways and alleys, use a bit of sand or ask our specialists in lawn care in Dublin OH for advice on the best organic de-icing solutions.
  4. Aerate the soil if it presents water clogs: Snow acts as a natural irrigator and insulator for your lawn and garden, so you should leave it alone. However, if your soil is compact and you see water clogs and muddy areas, you should drain it. Use an aerator or your garden fork to make holes in the ground to allow water to reach deep. If you do not know how to aerate the soil in winter, ask our lawn care service company in Dublin OH for professional advice.
  5. Inspect your trees and shrubs. We talked about winter pruning already, so you know what to do. Moreover, you should also cover some trees and shrubs with burlap to protect them against powerful winds and frost. Stake the newly planted vegetation to enhance its safety, inspect the wires and stakes on the other young trees, and remove snow from your plants only if its weight threatens the plant’s integrity.
  6. Protect your evergreens. Newly planted trees will be grateful to you if you apply some desiccants. Evergreen perennials also need your help to stay safe and stable during winter. If you had a natural Christmas tree this winter, recycle it by turning it into natural mulch for these plants.
  7. Check your winterized roses if you have any and make sure they stay safe during the cold weather.
  8. You can begin thinking about spring preparations as well. Talk to our experts in lawn care in Dublin OH about soil testing. It may be too early, but you should keep in mind some nutrients to feed to your lawn in case it lacks some specific substances this winter.

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