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How to Select a Lawn Care Delaware OH Company According to 2019 Landscaping Trends

Just as it happens in interior design and fashion, experts share their insights on next year’s trends and innovations in exterior design, gardening, and landscaping as well. They also recommend you to pick a lawn care company that can rise to the expectations and implement these trends on your property next year. After all, why would we dream of innovation and novelty if we did not have the people to make dreams come true? Today, our lawn care Delaware OH experts are here to tell you what your lawn care company should know and do next year.

Use High-Tech and Environmentally Friendly Equipment

Experts say that the young generation of property owners and amateur gardeners will invest plenty of money in their outdoor patches of paradise, but lawn care companies should be ready to meet their clients’ expectations. One of them is the use of high-tech equipment with eco-friendly capabilities.

In other words, it is likely that lawn care companies to compete in the technological department and invest in solar-powered equipment and machinery, battery powered tools, electric or remote-controlled mowers, and so on.

Moreover, in the environmentally friendly department fall fertilization and weed control techniques, pest control and soil amendments that are organic or at least proven safe for the environment and the micro-ecosystem thriving in outdoor landscapes and gardens.

Our lawn care Delaware OH experts also consider important to inform owners looking to hire a landscaping firm that eco-friendliness goes beyond organic fertilization. It also includes shrub and tree maintenance, proper vegetation maintenance, correct watering schedules and the planting of certain types of flowers, hedges, and plants attracting pollinators.

Employ Safety Measures Through and Through

Safety is a huge issue in all service providing fields, and next year we will see a new generation of property owners taking such matters very seriously. When it comes to safety, you have to understand experts talk about it in its most broad meaning:

  • Workers safety – a lawn care Delaware OH company should show proof that they use a form of worker compensation, so any person performing tasks on your property benefits from insurance and protection;
  • Equipment safety – any lawn service Delaware OH should use only the best and latest equipment that is safe for the workers and the property itself;
  • Financial security – more and more clients will require work guarantees and warranties. For instance, our lawn care Delaware OH team offers a 100% risk-free warranty for any operation;
  • Children and pets safety – planning a safe property means that next year people will need companies to implement safe methods in the areas used by children and pets (organic fertilization, weed control, and pest control, safe plants and grasses, proper environmental control, etc.)

Implement Lawn Care Delaware OH New 2019 Landscaping Trends

Your lawn care and lawn service Delaware OH should have the know-how, expertise, and resources to implement some of the newest landscaping and gardening trends of 2019:

  • Water and fire features;
  • Creation of shade areas and snug areas on the property with the help of hedges, trees, bushes, and shrubberies;
  • Pet-friendly landscaping;
  • Creation of micro-ecosystems on the property by adding new vegetation and water features.

If you want to benefit from the best lawn care Delaware OH company – one that meets and exceeds your expectations – and able to implement all the upcoming landscaping trends, give us a call or ask us for a free online estimate!

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