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Experts in Lawn Care in Columbus OH teach you about Natural Christmas Tree Recycling

If you have a natural Christmas tree on your hands in January, you should start thinking about recycling it and turning it into the best lawn care in Columbus OH solutions. Responsible homeowners usually pick live trees (with roots) that they can replant once the holidays are over. Most people, however, use cut trees, which can become excellent lawn care and landscaping aid if you know what to do. According to our specialists in lawn care in Columbus OH, you have a few easy means at your disposal to give back something to the environment with the help of your natural Christmas tree.

1. Your Lawn will Love your Christmas Tree in the Shape of Mulch

As a biodegradable element, your Christmas tree can play the role of mulch this year to protect your fragile plants, bulbs, and seedlings. You can approach the mulch issue from three different directions.

  1. Use Only the Tree’s Needles – clean the tree of needles and use them as a cover blanket at the base of evergreen perennials, tender plants that did not manage to establish strong roots, plants that sprouted prematurely, flowerbeds, and other vegetation in need for protection after the first frost. You will not get enough needles from only one tree to cover all the mulching needs so that you can think about the second approach;
  2. Chop the Entire Tree for Mulch – you will get enough wood material to cover the mulching needs of your most tender plants this winter. Conifer needles do not rot rapidly and will decompose slowly, offering plants continuous nourishment during the cold season;
  3. Use the Branches as Covers – separate the boughs and branches from the trunk of the tree and use them to cover the most fragile bulbs, roots, and seedlings; the only drawback to this method is that rodents can burrow inside the branches and feed on them. You also need to make sure you remove the insulators when the temperatures go up, as they can entertain moisture, mold, and fungi.

2. Your Lawn and Garden Expect Some Spring Compost

We have talked about making and managing winter compost before, but we have to reiterate: you can boost the bacterial activity inside your compost pile. Moreover, you can achieve the right green-brown balance with the added chopped Christmas tree.

Ask our specialists in lawn care in Columbus OH about the best methods of turning your Christmas tree into compost – depending on its size for instance – and about the best times to add more green or brown elements to the pile to keep it working and soak the excess moisture.

3. Lawn Care in Columbus OH Best Practices regarding Christmas Trees

Our lawn mowing company team can offer you further suggestions on how to reuse and recycle your Christmas tree this year:

  • Turn the entire tree into wood chips to use as fuel for barbecues and outdoor fireplaces (never burn a Christmas tree inside a home fireplace), as mulch, decorative element, or walkway substrate;
  • If you removed the needles for mulch, use the clean branches and trunk as stakes to offer support to the fragile plants and newly planted trees to stay safe against strong winds and snow.

You have other ways to turn your Christmas tree into a useful aid for the environment. Ask our experts in lawn care in Columbus OH about Christmas tree as a food resource for fish, bird feeder, or wildlife sanctuary!


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