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Dog-Proofing Your Lawn: Our Experts in Lawn Care in Delaware OH Share Insights

Unsightly dog spots, tiny craters from too much digging, dog waste in some of the most inappropriate places – there is a myriad of ways your dog can destroy your beloved lawn. They say that you can’t have a family dog and a perfect lawn, yet our lawn care Delaware OH experts disagree. They claim that there are several effective methods to dog-proof your yard and enjoy both.

How Your Dog May Be Wrecking Your Lawn

Fido is an energetic creature and needs plenty of space to play and unwind but it has absolutely no consideration for the hard work you have put into your perfectly manicured lawn and scolding it doesn’t fix a thing. Punishing and screaming at your pup for things like pooping or peeing on your magazine-worthy flowering bushes or hardscapes just adds to its confusion. But your pooch’s unrestrained natural behavior can take a heavy toll on your lawn’s health and looks if you allow your four-legged friend free rein.

  1. Defecating – Dog waste is not only an unsightly and unpleasant surprise when you have guests over for a BBQ, it is also a serious health hazard. Because dog poop is packed with bacteria, it may quickly turn your lawn into a welcoming environment for harmful microorganisms and fungi.
  2. Urinating – This one if the most damaging after compulsive digging, our experts in lawn care in Delaware, OH, say. Because dog urine is rich in nitrogen, large amounts of it on certain spots may burn the turf and create the so-called “dog spots”. Nitrogen in dog pee acts as a fertilizer, but in large amounts it just wrecks the grass. Female dogs and big dogs are the most likely to dot your lawn with unsightly patches of dead grass after relieving themselves.
  3. Digging – Many dogs love to dig, and some of them may like to dig up your prized shrubs and flowers just for the fun of it. Compulsive digging in dogs does not only have the potential of turning your lawn into a minefield, it may also have a detrimental impact on the soil and grass health. Your dog’s excavation habits may boost soil’s dryness while the repetitive moves when digging paired with excess running might compact the soil, which can be very detrimental to your grass and shrubs in the long run.

Dog-Proofing Your Lawn Before It is Too Late

You can prevent your dog’s poop from damaging your turf by picking it up whenever necessary. You can train you dog to defecate in a special spot (demarcate it with some mulch, rocks, or gypsum pellets). Apply the same strategy to prevent your pup from urinating on all the wrong places. Also, to flush out the extra nitrogen brought by your dog’s urine, water the area immediately after each bathroom break. Don’t let dog pee linger on your lawn, as the damage once done takes a lot of resources and effort to get it undone.

When it comes to digging, just fence off the plants and other areas you’d like your mutt to keep its paws off. For compulsive diggers, there is always counter-conditioning, but you may need the help of a dog professional for it.

For those areas continuously stepped on by your pouch such as the fence line, consider planting some dog-friendly turf grasses that can take a beating, such as Bermuda, fescue, and Kentucky Bluegrass.

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