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De-Stressing Your Lawn in the Summer: Our Lawn Care Columbus OH Experts’ Guide

Hot temperatures, dryness, and increased foot traffic in the summer months stress out your lawn immensely without you even noticing; and a stressed-out lawn, just like us, is more prone to disease, pests, and early death. Fortunately, de-stressing your lawn in the summer is easier than you may think if you follow some simple steps. Check this short guide our experts in lawn care in Columbus OH have agreed to share.

Top Signs that Your Lawn Is Under a Lot of Stress

One of the stressors that affect most lawns in the hot season is excess heat. Even though heat-stress is not easy to spot, there are some clear tell-tale signs that your yard is suffering.

Color loss – If a formerly lush green lawn has suddenly lost its vibrant color, it might be because it suffers from heat-stress. However, discoloration may be cause by other factors such as pests, disease, and improper watering. Try adding more water on a weekly basis and see if things improve. If they don’t you might have a pest or disease control issue, and you might want to give our professionals in Columbus OH a call.

Reduced Resilience – If you notice that your turf grasses no longer spring back almost instantly after being stepped on, there may be a problem. It is a sign that the turf is drying out or needs more water. So, get that soaker hose or sprinkler system running right away.

Compacted Soil – A lawn with a lot of foot traffic or which doubles as a parking lot will develop compacted soil. A dense soil won’t allow moisture to permeate it and will prevent the grass from growing a strong and healthy root system. After watering, do a simple test to see if your yard receives enough water. Try pushing a screwdriver 6 inches deep into the ground and if it slides smoothly, it means it receives enough moisture, if it doesn’t, give your lawn another glass of water or call a lawn care service for some aeration work.

Brown Patches – These ones pop up especially during severe drought. To see if drought is the culprit and not insect infestation or other issues, pull some of the brown grass from the soil. If it is securely rooted and doesn’t get out easily, it is because of draught.

De-Stressing Your Lawn

Don’t Disturb Your Lawn’s Slumber during Drought

When under severe stress, such as prolonged drought with no irrigation, your turf may go dormant as a means of self-defense by turning brown. Do not wake it up through irrigation unless the lawn is freshly installed, as new turf does not possess a fully developed root system to survive dormancy in the hot summer months. If you plan to wake up a dormant lawn during the drought season prepare to water it regularly and arm yourself with patience, as dormant turf grasses usually get back to their normal, green shape in 3 to 4 weeks.

Reduce Foot Traffic

Your lawn is already under a lot of stress so don’t make things worse for it by further compacting the soil. Also, avoid using heavy gear when mowing.

Mow Your Lawn Properly

Make sure that your mower’s blades are razor-sharp and don’t cut too low, especially when the grass is stressed. Dull blades will fray the tips of the grass and make it more prone to disease and evaporation, while too of a short haircut will drain the turf’s energy to grow and fight off heat, pests, and disease. You can always hire a lawn mowing company to handle this task for you.

Don’t Hesitate to Call Our Lawn Care Columbus OH Experts

A severely and chronically stressed-out lawn will need professional help to bounce back to a healthy, normal state. Consult with a trained lawn maintenance specialist to create a sound lawn care plan that will prevent your lawn from undergoing so much stress ever again. Feel free to give us a call at 740-318-5296 or request a Free Estimate of our lawn care services today. Our experts will be more than happy to help you.


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