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Can You Save Money on Lawn Care in Dublin OH? Tips and Tricks your Should Consider

Lawn care may prove expensive, especially if you want lush, dense lawns and gorgeous vegetation offering shade, scent, color, and peacefulness on your property. Our experts in lawn care in Dublin OH have, however, a few tips and tricks to share with you to make long-term extended care affordable, less stressful, and successful. Let’s see today some tips, tricks, and advice on how to save money without compromising the beauty and health of your landscape!

1. Install an Irrigation System

It may sound counterintuitive at first, as installing an irrigation system – even on a small property – costs a significant amount of money, but the rate of return and satisfaction offered by such system are unmatchable. For starters, saving water is of crucial importance nowadays. Secondly, using smart sensors, sprinklers, and timers reduces the quantity of water you waste on lawn care. If you have concerns about irrigation, talk to our specialists in lawn care in Dublin OH. They will answer your questions and offer you detailed info regarding the benefits of irrigation systems to save money and resources.

2. Use Grass Clippings as Fertilizer

Every time you or your lawn care team mows the lawn, make sure you reuse the grass clippings. Unless the turf suffers from a diseases breakout, you can either leave the clippings right there – to act as slow-release fertilizers – or bag them and use them with your mulch or compost projects. Fresh, healthy grass clippings can save you up to 30% fertilizers costs, experts say.

3. Use Mulch and Compost

You may feel that making compost on your property is too much an effort and that mulching comes with also small benefits to consider it in the long term. However, according to our experts in lawn care in Dublin OH, both can help you prevent diseases, pests, and weeds from taking over your lawn and landscape. Moreover, they reduce the costs of fertilizers and ensure the healthy thriving of your property.

4. Turf Replacements

In a world rightfully concerned about water waste, pollution, and better resource management, replacing your high-maintenance yard grasses with low-maintenance ones means being responsible not only towards the environment but also towards your budget. Low-maintenance herbs can save you watering money and resources, not to mention they are less likely to require substantial care, fertilization, weed control, and pest control. But what does it mean? According to our pros in lawn care in Dublin OH, you should consider the following:

  • Reseeding your lawn with native grasses instead of exotic one. Low-maintenance turf with native varieties means the grass resists better the weather conditions in your area and is less vulnerable to local pests, weeds, and other environmental factors;
  • Replacing the lawn entirely with clover is one small part of a more massive xeriscaping project – but enough to cut down significant costs on irrigation, fertilization, and maintenance. Clover needs little to no water at all, less mowing, care, money, and resources to enchant you with its dark green shade and its gorgeous miniature flowers.

5. Hire Professional Lawn Care in Dublin OH

Again, it may sound counterproductive, as you want to save money, not spend money on a lawn care service company, but think about it this way: instead of buying products and working endlessly on your lawn and garden (risking making plenty of mistakes), ask your specialists in lawn care in Dublin OH to offer you an estimate. You will see that with few costs you can maintain a lush property with no stress and no burdens!


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