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3 Things to do in March: Our Pros in Lawn Care in Lewis Center OH Offer their Advice

Spring is about to instill life into your lawn, garden, and landscape soon, and you have to get ready to welcome it properly. We know you began prepping some things here and there even since February, but to keep up the good work, you should focus on some specific March tasks. Our pros in lawn care in Lewis Center OH are here with a checklist and some advice for you to consider!

1. Cleaning and Damage Fixing

Just as you prepare for the house spring cleaning, so you should consider cleaning and mending the lawn in March. Here are some tips and recommendations to consider:

  • Look for problematic areas and get your experts in lawn care in Lewis Center OH fix them for you. We are talking about snow mold areas, bare spots and exposed soil patches, soil compaction areas (or clay patches), uneven ground, and more. While you can fix yourself some of these issues, you should enjoy the support of your team of regular specialists in lawn care in Lewis Center OH.
  • When you are getting ready for the lawn spring cleaning, make sure you tackle the thatch issues and dead leaves/vegetal debris removal to discourage weed growth; make sure you intervene in the case of worm castings as well before you consider mowing.

2. Aeration, Overseeding, and Soil Amendments

If you started working on your lawn since last month, you know you should continue with the hard work – aeration, overseeding, soil testing, and soil amendments. Whether you begin just now or wait for a couple of weeks more, here are the primary issues to consider:

  • Soil testing. Ask your local experts in lawn care in Lewis Center, OH to perform soil testing; you need to know the pH of the soil to understand what amendments you need to apply to offer it the necessary fundamentals to provide your lawn and garden with the lush growth it deserves.
  • Aeration is necessary to eliminate soil compaction problems.
  • Seeding the bare spots and exposed soil patches on your lawn. The more you let bare areas without an overseeding treatment, the more you risk entertaining weeds. Talk to your local specialists in lawn care in Lewis Center OH about mowing and watering newly seeded areas on your property, as you will have to follow some specific rules in the upcoming month.

3. Fertilization and Weed Control

Your soil, plants, and turf need your help now more than ever. You should apply a combination of fertilizers and herbicides to promote growth and discourage weeds. Nevertheless, as we said many times before, the use of substances is a tricky issue, especially if you do not have the knowledge and experience to perform such sensitive tasks. For the best fertilization and weed control, ask your specialists in lawn care in Lewis Center OH to give you a hand.

Best Lawn Care in Lewis Center OH

You will have plenty to do starting this month. Lawn care and landscaping need time, effort, money, and skills. Talk to your team of lawn care in Lewis Center OH to make a yearlong plan including all seasonal tasks necessary to enjoy a lush, healthy lawn from early spring to late winter. As long as you benefit from a professional lawn care service, you can sit back and enjoy a full year of outdoor wonder for you and your family!


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