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Spring & Fall Cleanup

Spring & Fall Cleanup

Spring & Fall Cleanup

The services involved in yard clean-up are dependent on the season.  For spring clean-ups, the focus is on removing debris that has accumulated over the winter, removing mulch and other insulation that may have been placed around tender plants, applying fertilizers to boost spring growth, and performing any pruning tasks that plants require to help them prepare for the growth to come. There are other tasks that can be added such as planting spring bulbs, thinning crowded garden beds to prevent diseases that crop up during summer, dividing certain perennials and transplanting.

For fall clean-ups the focus will be on performing the tasks involved in putting your garden “to bed” for the winter. This usually includes raking leaves and pine needles and disposing of them, removing any dead or diseased plants to prevent a recurrence in spring, discouraging an environment for invasive insects that go to ground in winter, amending the soil if necessary, adding mulch or other insulation materials around sensitive plants and shrubs, and performing any fall pruning before winter.

The Right Spring & Fall Cleanup Services for Your Lawn

Hoffman’s Lawn & Fertilization offers a wide range of services that depend on the conditions of your lawn, the plants in your garden, and the desired outcome. We strongly recommend regular maintenance to keep your yard in top shape after a clean-up. Contact us for a free estimate that is individualized for the specific needs of your lawn & landscape. We look forward to helping you get, and keep, the lush green lawn you have always wanted.

Find the information you need? Then fill out our Free Estimate form and one of our experts will contact you to discuss your lawn care needs. Still have questions? Feel free to Contact Us. We are always happy to answer any concerns you may have. For Fastest Service, give us a call at 740-318-5296. You can ask for me, Andrew Hoffman.

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We guarantee you will be absolutely thrilled with our Lawn Care Services. If there is ever an issue or you have any dissatisfaction with our work, we will be there to fix it and make it right. You can count on Hoffman's Lawn & Fertilization. We stand behind 100% of our work. Every time. Nothing is more important to us than your complete and total satisfaction.

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Jeremy Fanning

These guys are top notch. They make selecting services super easy, payment is super easy, and best of all they have great customer service when you call with questions. Oh, and they do great work and keep my lawn looking great. Highly recommended.

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Heather McConnell

Hoffman's is great! They are very reliable and do a great job with the lawn. They also move our trampoline to cut the grass! I have appreciated how responsive they are to questions by email, often getting back to me the same day.

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CT Brinkman

I've been a customer for a few years. The team is always courteous and respectful of my property. They are a no hassle organization, they show up, do the work and occasionally check in to see if I am satisfied or need additional services.

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