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Our Experts in Lawn Care in Dublin OH Share Summer Rose Care Tips

Well-tended rose bushes can become the envy of the neighborhood but managing to grow picture-perfect roses is not that simple. You need to know how to water them, how to properly feed them, and when to prune them to encourage multiple bloom cycles. Our pros in lawn care in Dublin OH recommend paying close attention to those cycles and time the maintenance work accordingly. Here are some summer rose care tips they have agreed to share with us.

Watering Roses in the Summer

Roses are quite water intensive. They thrive on proper hydration especially repeat bloomers. In the hot summer months, keep in mind that even constant rainfall may not be enough. So, you need to supplement their water intake every now and then. However, watering should be done correctly to prevent disease and other issues.

Ensure that you water roses close to their roots. If the top 2-inch layer of the soil underneath the rose bush is bone dry, that’s a surefire sign that you should start watering. In temperate climates, roses need around 2 inches of water per week. You can add more if the soil is sandy or the weather is excessively hot, but don’t overdo it. Too much humidity may promote fungal disease and cause leaves to yellow, soften, and fall off. On the other hand, too little water, doesn’t allow the rose bush to bloom properly and may even kill it in the long run.

Our experts in lawn care in Dublin OH are confident that watering deeply once per week is all most roses need. Also, add some mulch to protect the plants’ root systems and prevent water from evaporating too soon. To prevent fungi from forming, do not water the leaves. Also, water the roses either early in the morning to prevent water from quickly evaporating or early in the evening in order not to create a welcoming (damp) environment for bugs and diseases later on.

Pruning and Feeding Roses in the Summer

Trimming and fertilizing your rose bushes from early spring to late summer is a must, as roses need constant attention to produce beautiful and healthy blooms. Pruning and feeding should be done based on their bloom cycles, so journal how much time each of your rose bushes needs to reach full bloom (some may need 6 weeks, others 7 or 8). After a full bloom, remove spent flowers to make room for new ones.

If you fail to constantly prune your roses in the summer, they’ll focus more on producing hips and seeds, rather than flowers. However, refrain from heavy pruning in the hot season. Heavy trimming is best done when the plants are still dormant. In the summer, focus on removing finished blooms before they have produced hips or on any infested, dead, or diseased parts of the plant.

After each deadheading session, apply a slow-release fertilizer to the soil (preferably organic and granular) to offer roses all the nutrients they need to yield showy blooms during the next bloom cycle. Keep in mind that the plants will benefit from the fresh batch of nutrients after 6 to 8 weeks, depending on the length of their bloom cycle.

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