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Lawn Care Powell OH Experts talk about the Creation of Pet-Friendly Landscapes

As you probably remember, not so long ago we emphasized some of the most attention-grabbing landscaping trends of 2019 you should consider on your property. Among them, pet-friendly landscaping is probably the most appealing, as most homeowners have one or two furry friends. Today, our lawn care Powell OH specialists will offer you a quick checklist of things to consider when you want to prep a portion of your landscape for your pets and kids.

Pick the Right Grasses and Plants

Whether you have a conventional lawn or you want to build it from scratch, here are the main issues you need to consider according to our lawn care Powell OH experts:

  • Plant resilient grasses for turf – 100% perennial rye and clover resist the best to traffic and trampling;
  • Avoid planting or even remove plants such as azaleas, lilies, mums, irises, monkshood, lily of the valley, and foxglove – they are toxic for dogs. Visit the ASPCA website for the list of plants to avoid when accommodating pets on the property;
  • Think about adding plants resilient to wear, tear, and trampling: barberry, chain fern, Carolina cherry, chameleon plant, New Zealand flax, etc.;
  • Add thick hedges and shrubs to create boundaries;
  • If your pet chews on plants happily, why not planting some that are good for it, like wheat grass, oat grass, strawberries, and blueberries;
  • Plant trees for shade areas, as both your pets and kids, need to cool off in summer.

Landscape Design Dos and Don’ts

When it comes to the project of a pet-friendly space, you need to consider a handful of issues. Luckily, our lawn maintenance Powell OH experts are here to make things clearer:

  • Your dog needs water and shade, so you can have your landscape experts install a water feature; it serves both an aesthetic and functional purpose;
  • Your dog probably loves to patrol and guard the territory, so pathways are mandatory;
  • When kids and pets need to rest, they need a comfortable place, where they can find water, coolness, and places to sit, and refresh. A pergola, a kiosk, or a small natural clearing with shade trees and climbing vines, benches, a pond, and so on may be the best elements to introduce into their play area;
  • If your dog does not usually live in the house, build him a dog house or a larger paddock to keep him safe from the elements all year long;
  • Your dog may be a digger, but you do not want it to dig your flower beds or turf; install digging areas (like sandboxes for dogs) and teach it that it is okay to dig there but not elsewhere; it will end up loving them;
  • If you do not want your dog to mark its territory all over the place thus browning your grasses or flowers, install retaining walls (turn them into vertical gardens for more functionality), stone borders, or decorative hydrants;
  • Make sure the petscape benefits from rigorous irrigation; an irrigation system will keep the trampled turf in perfect shape, allow the dog to cool off and play, and preserve the health of the micro-ecosystem thriving there;
  • Avoid cocoa mulch at all costs, as it is toxic for dogs when ingested; gravel is an excellent mulch idea, as it does not stick to paws and fur;
  • Never treat the petscape with chemical fertilizers, weed control/pest control substances; dogs especially develop cancer due to exposure of professionally applied pesticides; turn to organic fertilization/weed/pest control;
  • The good idea is to plant flea deterring plants such as lavender or rosemary.

Hire a Lawn Care Powell OH Company

The best idea when it comes to petscaping is to hire a lawn care Powell OH company. The experts there will evaluate the situation and build a perfect area for your pets and kids to enjoy. Call us now for a free estimate!

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