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Weed Prevention 101: Our Experts in Lawn Care in Powell OH Share Their Tips

One of homeowners’ greatest challenge is to prevent weeds from taking over their lawns. Weed control is a year-round effort, but with the best weed prevention practices you can make your job a lot easier. Fortunately, our experts in lawn care in Powell OH have agreed to share with us the basics of weed prevention.

Weed Prevention 101

The most well-kept secret to a weed-free and thick lawn is a healthy lawn. A dense turf naturally prevents sunlight and moisture from reaching the soil where weed seeds are in standby. It is estimated that on average a weed seed may remain in soil and be able to germinate if the right conditions (sunlight, moisture, and nutrients) are provided for up to 7 years. Some weed seeds are viable for germination up to 50 years. So, weed prevention and weed control is serious business.

According to our lawn care Powell OH pros, a healthy lawn has the energy and resources to keep weeds at bay on its own. In fact, a nutrient depleted lawn and a less-than-ideal soil are a surefire recipe for disaster when it comes to weeds. And spraying the unwanted plants with herbicides just won’t get to the root cause of the problem – a weak and unhealthy turf.

You may be wondering how weeds end up in your lawn. They either get there by air or by their favorite means of transportation: bugs, runoff water, and animals. Even lawnmowers and subpar grass seed products may carry weed seeds.

The bad news about weeds is that they are very persistent. This is due to their very adaptable and low-maintenance nature. If you’ve ever spotted a weed thriving in a crack in the sidewalk, you know what we mean. So, if your lawn lacks the resilience to fight them because it is not watered properly, fed correctly, or mowed the right way, they will quickly take over.

To prevent weeds from thriving, you should keep a constant watch on your lawn and look for the places where they might hide or turn into an opportunity to thrive. For instance, a path in your yard may become a welcoming home for weeds of all shapes and sizes because the bare soil means that there aren’t any competitors there. Another favorite place for weeds to establish their base is under decks, shrubs, and anything that provides them enough moisture and shade.

Unlike turf grasses, weeds are quite happy in the shade, so, either make some adjustments to let more sunlight reach the ground or plant shade-tolerant species to keep the soil filled and the pesky weeds at arm’s length. This piece of advice applies to all bare spots in your lawn. If you notice a dead spot, plant new vegetation as soon as they appear to prevent weeds from taking over.

Let Our Experts in Lawn Care in Powell OH Tackle Your Weed Problems

Has your weed problem gotten out of control? Do you need expert advice on the best weed killers for your lawn and type of turfgrass? Hoffman’s Lawn and Landscape is the answer to all your lawn problems. We know that spraying alone does not get you rid of the problem long term as weed prevention and control need integrated strategies to actually work. Request a Free Estimate of our services or call us at 740-318-5296 and give us a try today!


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