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Lawn Care Powell OH Pros’ Tips on Getting Your Lawn Back in Shape This Spring

April is also known as the National Lawn Care Month for a good reason. Now is the prime time of those spring preparations for getting your lawn back in shape after the winter slumber. However, a lawn means more than soil and turfgrass. Your lawn can turn into a welcoming environment for a host of issues, from weeds and pests to fertilizer burn and soil depletion.

That’s why proper lawn maintenance is a must for a lush green and healthy yard. But in order to properly tend to your lawn you should know where to start in April. In mid-spring, it is the perfect time to start mulching your lawn for the summer (we’ve talked about mulch and its importance for a healthy lawn in our previous post).

Lawn Maintenance Issues You Need to Check This Month

Also, now it is the time to inspect your lawn and the soil to notice any issues that might stunt the growth of your lawn later on. Common issues include:

  • Persistent weeds, like crabgrass
  • Soil depletion, which is usually heralded by yellow and frail grass blades
  • Pests trying to take over or expand their territory

Crabgrass is a very persistent weed, with one adult plant generating as many as 150,000 seeds each year. But not all seeds germinate in one spring. Some of them hibernate from one year to the next, waiting for the next season to sprout. That’s why proactively addressing your lawn’s crabgrass issues before the pesky weed takes over is essential. And don’t expect the mower to fix the issue for you. Regular mowing will just help the plant further spread its seeds, like it does with turf grass.

Crabgrass seeds start to germinate in mid-spring as soon as outdoor temperatures hit 55 degrees F, and the plants can become a real issue in the summer especially if they have dry and hot conditions to thrive. You could try applying a crabgrass preventer to the soil before the weeds start to sprout but bear in mind that these products inhibit the growth of grass as well.

So, either read carefully the instructions on the packaging or, if you need some pairs of professional hands to tackle the issue for you, don’t hesitate to contact our lawn care Powell OH pros.

Another common issue you should keep an eye on is soil depletion. If grass lacks vitality or blades are yellowish, it could mean that the plants are not getting all the nutrients they need. Our lawn care pros in Powell, OH, recommend using a fertilizer rich in nitrogen and iron. But don’t apply too much fertilizer, as the product might become an overkill for your lawn and can spur another common lawn issue– fertilizer burn.

Finally, the last critical issue on our list that you should keep an eye on this spring is signs of pest infestation. We won’t delve deeper into the topic, as persistent pest control issues should be handled by professionals. For instance, if you have a root weevil problem, thinks can become tricky as root weevils can be quite invasive with their larvae munching on your grass’ and shrubs’ roots while adults terminate adult plants’ leaves.

So, if you notice fresh notches along young grass blades or plant leaves, your lawn might experience a root weevil infestation.

Our Lawn Care Powell OH Pros’ All-Natural Solution to Your Pest Issues

Fortunately, beside the toxic chemical methods of root weevil control, our experts in lawn care in Powell OH have the safest and all-natural solution for you– nematodes, aka a species of yard-friendly microscopic round worms that will feast on the pesky root weevil larvae before they can reach adulthood.

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