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Lawn Care: Delaware OH Experts on Root Weevil Control

Root weevils are some of the sneakiest and most damaging pests that can overtake a lawn without you even noticing. Adults operate at night chewing on tender new leaves, while their larvae covertly destroy young plants by munching on their roots. Even though there are no chemical methods to kill the larvae in the soil, our experts in lawn care in Delaware OH swear by one of the safest and non-intrusive root weevil control methods: nematodes.

Nematodes are microscopic ring worms that have a natural appetite for root weevil larvae. They either feed on them like a parasite or kill them by injecting them with nasty bacteria. Nematodes can clear your yard of root weevils before they become adults in an all-natural but surprisingly effective way.

Surefire Sign that Root Weevils Might Have Taken Over

Root weevils an invasive species of beetles that can grow 0.38-inch-long and attack various types of plants. There’s a sub-species of root weevils that love to chew on rhododendrons and other broad-leaved plants (Otiorhynchus sulcatus), others have a strong appetite for strawberries (Otiorhynchus ovatus), while others just love to munch on carrots and other veggies (Listronatus oregonensis). So, there is virtually a root weevil for nearly all plant species in your garden and lawn.

What’s more, these pests are very hard to observe as they usually hide under the damp debris in your yard during the day, and attack their victims– your beloved plants, during the night. The surefire sign that you might have a root weevil problem is the signature notches along the margins of the leaves that you might notice in the morning.

But the most damaging are the insects’ larvae, which chew on the roots of plants, sucking all the life out of them before you know it. Adult root weevil lay their eggs starting June until September and the C-shaped larvae start feeding on plants’ roots as soon as they hatch.

In winter, the larvae hibernate in the soil, waiting for warmer days to resume damage to your yard. Currently, there are no effective chemicals to kill off root weevils in their larval stage, but you can introduce nematodes to your lawn or garden to prey on the insects before they hit their adult stage and prevent them from further infesting your property.

Our lawn care Delaware OH experts recommend starting the nematodes treatment in mid-spring, as soon as soil temperature hits 55 degrees F, up until early summer. Nematodes need warm soil to operate as they cannot survive cold temperatures. Another time of the year when nematodes can be safely applied to your lawn’s soil is from August through October. During that period the soil is warm enough, and nematodes have plenty of fresh root weevil larvae to feast on.

Our Experts in Lawn Care in Delaware OH Are Here to Help

While nematodes can be a very effective and safe biopesticide against yard pest insects, their application should be done correctly as the tiny bugs are very sensitive. They can react badly to temperature variations, dryness of the soil, and even UV radiation.

But fret not! Our lawn care Delaware OH know everything there is to know about nematodes and how to properly introduce them into an ecosystem to get rid of those pesky root weevils for good. Don’t hesitate to call us at 740-318-5296 or request a no-strings-attached Free Estimate of our pest control services or any other type of lawn service here.

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