In summer, lawn care claims your attention, time, and efforts, as surely you want to have a lush lawn, a beautiful garden, bountiful crops, and a healthy, thriving estate. But caring for your property also means keeping an eye on insects and pests, as they can ruin the beauty and health of your plants and grasses if you don’t pay attention. One of the main principles of organic gardening and lawn care is the use of companion plants that deter pests. Some flowers and herbs play a major role in fine-tuning the micro-ecosystem you nurture on your estate as they protect each other and keep pests at bay. Today, our lawn care Dublin OH specialists are here to share some tips on mixing plants to ensure the health of your lawn and property.

  • Mint and rosemary: plant them around the lawn, house, and in between vegetables as they repel aphids, mosquitoes, and ants, attracting bees and other pollinators at the same time.
  • Mint and tansy: plant them around the house to make sure ants don’t enter your home.
  • Tansy is a good companion plant for lawns, patios, garden kiosks and outdoor structures as it repels the Japanese beetles and mosquitoes.
  • Basil deters flies and mosquitoes, so it is best to plant it nearby the porch, outdoor spaces, patio, barbecue area, pool, children’s playground, and so on.
  • Dill and cilantro, besides being fabulous additions to your fresh summer salads and dishes, are also able to deter spider mites and aphids; your ornamental plants, trees, shrubs, and grasses will be forever in your debt for that.
  • Lavender is time-tested moths repellent so make sure you cultivate it around the house and keep it inside the house as well in a cut-and-dry form.
  • Marigolds are your best bet for lawns, flower gardens, and vegetable gardens, patios, outdoor leisure areas, pools, and so on: marigolds deter the Japanese beetle and nematodes among others.
  • Daisies make an excellent lawn edge and outdoor leisure areas border; you can plant them in flower beds, in between vegetables, or around hardscapes; they repel aphids like no other.
  • Resilient varieties of rhododendron and azaleas deter weevils and other pests.
  • Garlic repels aphids, loopers, snails, and Japanese beetles, so you can use it not only in vegetable gardens, but also in lawn edges.
  • A mix of onion and garlic keeps mice and rodents away from your property – you can plant them alongside property fences or around garden sheds, the garage, and around the house.
  • If planted as lawn edges or in flower beds, shrub/hedges areas, chives, and leeks improve the overall health of the vegetation.

What many have to understand is that this approach has preventative and maintenance properties. If you do have a severe pest infestation on your hands, it is better to call your lawn care Dublin, OH specialists to assess the situation. While crop mixing and companion planting should not skip your attention, your lawn and garden still need proper maintenance offered by your local lawn care Dublin, OH team.