Worthington Ohio Lawn Care Makes Your Lawn the Perfect Garden

What’s the most important thing to you in your Worthington Ohio lawn care? Are you looking for high-quality service, a custom program tailored to suit your requirements, or what about just that after a long hard week at work you want to spend the weekend relaxing and enjoying your family and outside interested?

We Bag Grass Clippings

Not many other lawn care companies take the time to bag grass clippings and take them away. We take this extra step as to make sure your lawn and flowerbeds are free of any grass debris, leaving your property with neat and tidy appearance.

Whatever the reasons you have about the most important thing you’re looking for in your lawn service, you can trust that Hoffman’s Lawn Care has already thought of it for you. Not only does Hoffman’s include all the routine maintenance that regular service provides, but we add all the extra touches such as lawn aeration plans, tree and shrub removals as well as replacements.

We also offer a full-program of landscape design, installation and maintenance should you want a fresh new look for your outdoor landscape and garden. And we provide mulch and compost installation, pest control, and scheduled spring and fall clean-up. At Hoffman’s we are flexible, offering an entire palette of lawn care essential services. Our routine maintenance plans include:

  • Fertilization
  • Lawn mowing
  • Tree, shrub & herb trimming
  • Tree service
  • Flower Bed
  • Maintenance
  • Weed Removal
  • Gutter cleaning Services


A Worthington Ohio Lawn Service that Can Bring Your Lawn Back to Life

lawn care worthington ohIt’s not uncommon with Ohio’s seasonal fluctuations and varying spring, summer, fall and winter temperate and climate extremes. Ohio may experience many weather extremes between the seasons, but that doesn’t mean your lawn and garden need to suffer. An experienced gardening and Worthington Ohio lawn servicecompany should know how to help your lawn; trees and shrubs remain alive and vibrant through-out all the seasons, year after year.

If that’s not what’s been happening at your home, then maybe it’s time to change lawn service companies. At Hoffman’s we have experienced professionals working at our company who understand the peculiarities of the region. We understand the vital nutrients that your plants, grass and shrubs needs to thrive. We know the soil conditions, climate changes and seasonal weather and how all of these factors contribute to your garden’s overall health.

Whether you want Lawn Maintenance in Worthington Ohio, or Landscaping – Call Hoffman’s

When your Worthington Ohio lawn maintenance service is not providing you with the expertise and quality that you deserve, call Hoffman’s Lawn Care. We’ll help you create the continuously perfect lawn, year-round. Call us today and discover what our attractive plans and services are, and the competitive rates we offer.