Beautiful Lawns, Great Service with this Powell Ohio Lawn Care Company

Hoffman’s lawn care in Powell Ohio is a full-service lawn company that will help you easily manage your lawn care requirements. Today’s homeowners have to work smarter within a challenging economy. Your home is one of your biggest investments, and how you maintain and care for it will show up instantly in your lawn care and garden.

We Bag Grass Clippings

Not many other lawn care companies take the time to bag grass clippings and take them away. We take this extra step as to make sure your lawn and flowerbeds are free of any grass debris, leaving your property with neat and tidy appearance.

When your lawn, trees and shrubs begin to display trouble spots, looking dull and lifeless, it’s important to look for the professionals who understand horticulture and particularly the nuances of our Ohio climate and vegetation. If your lawn or garden is going through a rough patch, maybe it’s time to call in the experts.

Hoffman’s will help you maintain the value and integrity of your important investments by providing you with the custom lawn service that suits your requirements. We offer an extensive range of lawn care options that include:

  • Fertilization
  • Lawn mowing
  • Tree, shrub & herb trimming
  • Tree service
  • Flower Bed
  • Maintenance
  • Weed Removal
  • Gutter cleaning Services


Hoffman’s Lawn Service in Powell Ohio will bring back Your Beautiful Healthy Lawn

lawn care powell ohHoffman’s lawn service in Powell Ohio also provides other important services such as lawn aeration, landscaping design and installation, as well as mulch and compost installation, pest control services, and spring and fall clean-ups.

The value you receive for your money is brought to you by a friendly team of lawn care specialists who are comfortable with talking over your requirements and preferences with you. We understand more than most, after many years in the lawn care business that maintaining a healthy, green and lush garden is not always easy.

For a garden to flourish, your gardener must be familiar with the particular pests that can quickly destroy prized flowers and shrubs, and the diseases that will attack your trees and grass. He must also be familiar with the peculiarities of the region where you live, so that he can better understand seasonal fluctuations and how to prepare for them. Hoffman’s team of specialists do all that and more, with a smile.

Our Lawn Maintenance in Powell Ohio will make Your Lawn Thrive

If you have discovered that the secret of a beautiful lawn and garden is plain old hard work and rolling up your sleeves, but don’t have the time to invest in your yard; then it’s time to call Hoffman’s Powell Ohio lawn maintenance company. A free consultation with one of our lawn care specialists will help you find out how Hoffman’s can help you get your garden looking beautiful again.