Best Fertilization & Weed Control Gahanna OH Services

Fertilization & Weed Control Gahanna OHFertilization & Weed control are essential activities to lawn care and landscaping – but one of the problems with Fertilization & Weed control as DIY projects is that they usually are trial-and-miss experiments. If you don’t know how to choose store-bought products or to mix them, it’s time to call your Fertilization & Weed control Gahanna OH team. We are licensed and certified professionals who are trained and skilled in lawn care and landscaping and using eco-friendly substances that don’t endanger your vegetation, the soil, the environment, your kids or pets.

DIY Fertilization & Weed control projects come with numerous risks you want to avoid as they may negatively impact the health of your vegetation and the environment altogether. Here is what you need to know about our Fertilization & Weed control Gahanna OH services!

1. We Always Perform a Thorough Assessment

We offer soil evaluations and make an in-depth analysis of the micro-ecosystem thriving on your property before implementing our specialized weed control program. While understanding your soil’s chemical makeup and pH, we also identify its fertilization needs. We factor in the weather conditions, the environmental requirements of your area and the meteorological challenges you have to deal with all year long. Moreover, we also implement a thorough vegetation evaluation program: some plants and ornamentals are more vulnerable to chemicals than others, so we will need to tailor our interventions in order to protect them while we deter weeds.

2. We Implement an Integrated Weed Control Program

Once we learned everything we need about the specifics of your landscape, we will implement a year-long weed control and fertilization program in steps and stages. Our goal is to keep all your plants and grasses thriving while we keep weeds at bay, protecting the wildlife, insects, pollinators, and vegetation safe. We also know that in summer, for instance, weed control with chemicals is less recommended, as they can literally burn the soil, so we come up with eco-friendly and sustainable alternatives, such as mulch.

3. We Offer Follow Up

We don’t just treat your lawn and landscape with a bunch of substances and then leave. We offer regular follow-up interventions when we come back and evaluate the situation. In some cases, if everything is alright, we won’t intervene, but if the situation requires it, we will again perform some weed control and fertilization steps to deter the more resilient weeds or to boost some vulnerable plants’ state of health.

Should you need more information about our Fertilization & Weed control Gahanna OH programs, feel free to give us a call and ask for a free estimate! We will take it from there!