Eco-Friendly Fertilization & Weed Control Delaware OH Services

Fertilization & Weed Control Delaware OHAs a proud owner of a lush and beautiful lawn and landscape you surely want what is best for your property and the micro-ecosystem thriving on it. Those who are environmentally aware and responsible also engage in eco-friendly lawn maintenance all year long to protect everything that lives on that property. Among all lawn care tasks you can engage in, Fertilization & Weed control are the most likely to negatively impact the environment. Our Fertilization & Weed control Delaware OH experts are here to tell you a few things about the perils of such activities when they are implemented by untrained professionals.

The Risks of Fertilization & Weed Control

When you buy such products from the store and you start spreading them around you are faced with a series of risks:

  • Improper mix of chemicals that might prove inefficient;
  • Improper mix of chemicals that might actually burn the soil and plants’ roots;
  • Endangerment of the micro-ecosystem living on your property: beneficial insects, birds, and wildlife;
  • Endangerment of plants that are more vulnerable to chemicals than others;
  • Endangerment of kids and pets playing around the property;
  • Environmental damages consisting in soil burning, the release of chemicals into the atmosphere, infiltration of chemicals deep in the soil’s water reserves; killing of beneficial insects and pollinators;
  • Low weed control long-term effects in some cases: some plants need constant weed control being more vulnerable to such attacks.

Our Fertilization & Weed control Delaware OH team recommends you to work with professionals if you want to both have a healthy, thriving landscape and keep the environment safe and sound.

Why Should You Choose Our Fertilization & Weed Control Delaware OH Services?

  • We are licensed and certified in using eco-friendly substances and mixes that preserve the integrity and health of your vegetation and the environment while deterring weeds in the same time.
  • We offer personalized and tailored year-long interventions as we perform soil tests and vegetation control; some weeds need constant deterring, while some plants, insects and wildlife need appropriate protection to survive.
  • We offer integrated lawn care and landscaping services, so we will recommend you the best strategies to keep your lawn and garden lush and healthy: mulch applications, regular vegetation assessments, and so on.
  • We work only with safe materials and substances that don’t endanger the vegetation, environment, children, or pets.

Call us right now and ask for a free estimate! We offer affordable and year-round Fertilization & Weed control Delaware OH services you can benefit from without any risks!