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Six Early Fall Maintenance Tasks Recommended by Our Lawn Care Worthington, OH Specialists

Even if early fall is considered a slower season, this does not mean you are off the hook when it comes to lawn care and landscape maintenance. As a season, early fall is versatile and helpful, but you need to help your vegetation, soil, and wildlife a helping hand survive the winter and thrive plentiful next spring. You should make sure that all plants’ roots, all trees, lawn, flowerbeds, and shrubs are in perfect shape to face the months to come. For this reason, our lawn care Worthington OH specialists have come up today with a quick guide on early fall lawn care tasks you should not skip or overlook. » Read More

Organic Gardening 101: Lawn Care Dublin OH Specialists’ Tips on Companion Plants

In summer, lawn care claims your attention, time, and efforts, as surely you want to have a lush lawn, a beautiful garden, bountiful crops, and a healthy, thriving estate. But caring for your property also means keeping an eye on insects and pests, as they can ruin the beauty and health of your plants and grasses if you don’t pay attention. One of the main principles of organic gardening and lawn care is the use of companion plants that deter pests. Some flowers and herbs play a major role in fine-tuning the micro-ecosystem you nurture on your estate as they protect each other and keep pests at bay. Today, our lawn care Dublin OH specialists are here to share some tips on mixing plants to ensure the health of your lawn and property. » Read More

4 Epsom Salt Benefits: Lawn Care Gahanna OH Pros Share Their Tips

Do you want to have a lush lawn, a bountiful landscape and a thriving property with no effort or chemicals? Epsom Salt is considered to be one of the most valuable organic fertilizers for lawns and gardens, with plenty of overall and specific benefits. When it comes to safe, natural and bio lawn care, more and more homeowners are trying to find the best solution to promote growth and deter weeds or pests in an environmentally-safe manner. Epsom Salt (magnesium sulfate) is an organic product with tens of uses around the house and around the garden. Today our lawn care Gahanna OH specialists are here to offer you some tips and tricks on how to care for your lawn and plantations with Epsom Salt. » Read More

5 Organic Mulches Recommended by Our Lawn Care Powell, OH Specialists

This is the best time to plan ahead your lawn care and landscaping maintenance programs. Spring is the best time to consider new sustainable, eco-friendly and reliable methods to further enhance your lawn and landscape development. Beauty, health, and value are goals you should aim for and mulch is one of your best allies. Mulch covers all the fertilization, aesthetics, protection, and weeds and pests suppression. Our local lawn care Powell, OH specialists are here today to talk to you about five types of organic mulches you can use this year.   » Read More

3 Landscaping Trends to Pay Attention to This Year – Lawn Care Columbus, OH Pros’ Choices

When it comes to trends in interior design, things change fast and people embrace them quite quickly, just like it happens to fashion. But in landscape architecture, gardening and lawn care, this art can be rushed just as much you can rush the growth of a tree. However, lawn care, as slow as it is, also benefits from ideas and innovation that soon turn to trends. If you wish to give your property a makeover and to rejuvenate your front lawn or back yard, our lawn care Columbus, OH specialists have identified a few such trends for 2017 you might want to look at. The interesting thing is that in interior design the color of the year (as established by Pantone) is Greenery – a shade of fresh, warm and peaceful green you already have on your property. So let’s see how you can turn your landscape into a true Garden of Eden while sustaining the environment as well.

» Read More